Howard Hill Road Art Studio
Martha Lavender Nichols



State Museum of Pennsylvania – Permanent Collection
Community College of Harrisburg, Gettysburg Campus – Permanent Collection
Temple University – Harrisburg Campus – Permanent Collection
Shaftsbury Hollow Retreat, Vermont - Self Realization Fellowship
Fellowship of the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts – Purchase Prize
Penstroke Press, Rochester, Vermont
front cover painting for Dames Rocket by Elaine Terranova
Active Voice: T he English Department Ragazine of Community College of Philadelphia: Publication of a set of paintings/drawings by Martha Nichols
Numerous private collections


Ed Sozanski Philadelphia Inquirer – Muse Gallery One Person Show
Beyond Horizons: Martha Nichols is a landscape painter who eschews detail. Instead, she tries to convey impressions of the landscape’s most elemental features-expansive sky, dark, reflective water, and the gently rolling land sweeping toward a transitional horizon. Her exhibition at Muse Gallery consists of some colorful, exceptionally reductive paintings that address the earth-sky juxtaposition and some smaller, more impressionistic pastels that focus on water-sky. The paintings are laid down in broad horizontal strokes that glisten with high-voltage color, used not so much to shock as to describe the spatial density of the various landscape zones. This is bests seen in Days of Summer II, where the soft lavender sky, which occupies three-fourths of the picture, reads as a void that stretches to infinity.

Victoria Donahue Philadelphia Inquirer- Art of the State 2002 Review
Barns at Sunset by Martha Nichols is a worthy companion to other works in the show.

State Museum of Pennsylvania – Pennsylvania Giving Show –The Art Review link: with hyperlink and scroll down to photo/review of Martha Nichols’ painting)

Zachary Lewis -The Patriot News: Harrisburg Fiver Person Invitational Shows: Martha Nichols, from Downingtown, promises good things with two pastel drawings called “Marsh Creek Lake.” They are excellent abstract landscapes of a cold and somber expanse.

Art Matters Review of Woodmere Show: Not too far away is the refreshing “Cypress Trees in Summer,” a lush landscape by Martha Nichols emphasizing the capacity of oil pigment for richness and color saturation.